About US


Alerte strives to provide vital services to the City of Jakobstad in an effective way, with the emphasis on quality. We understand the importance of correct resource allocation and perform our services in a cost-effective and competitive manner. The walls that used to separate the departments have been torn down and we are now all working towards the same goal. This, combined with motivated leadership, creates a good working environment that promotes staff well-being and allows them to gain satisfaction from their work.

How alerte got its name

Alerte’s name is derived from Peter Malm’s eponymous frigate. In the autumn of 1831, Peter Malm launched his magnificent frigate Alerte, which surpassed all previous vessels of its size. C. A. Humble, Peter Malm’s most experienced and skilled shipmaster, was the first to command the Alerte. Five years later, Humble swapped vessels with Peter Gustav Böckelman, who was also a skilled shipmaster with valuable talents such as an enterprising spirit and language skills. The suggestion for the name Alerte came from Jakobstad Museum. We at Alerte are proud to share the same name as this unique frigate.

Source: Oscar Nikula, Malmska Handelshuset i Jakobstad, 1948

The Alerte Frigate


The Alerte logotype was created with the idea of conveying a sense of sincerity, customer service and community. I didn’t want to make it too grand, too loud, too modern, but rather sufficiently conservative, trustworthy and elegant. And timeless.

The name “Alerte” offers a beautiful, sleek and easily legible wordform in the chosen typeface. It breathes timeless quality and gives a sense of sincerity.

The figure, which is shaped as an ordinary “a”, also symbolises the breadth of the business. The curved green and blue lines frame the company’s substantial operational areas.

The red dot symbolises the city centre and its pulse.

- Bengt Björk, Designer