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The parks and green spaces in our city are important places for the residents of Jakobstad, where they take part in activities and socialise. Alerte’s garden services department ensures that these spaces are kept clean and attractive. This is a multi-faceted task that goes on year round.

The areas of responsibility for the landscape & gardening services department include public parks, playgrounds, park forests, roadside vegetation, parking areas, public squares, pedestrianised streets, Ebba properties, the heroes’ graves, a number of individual graves, school playing fields and Aspegren Garden. 

The garden services department’s tasks include maintaining and tending the areas for which it is responsible, laying lawns, tree planting , snow clearing, clearance work in park forests, sanding and painting park benches, repairing and painting waste bins, planning and ordering next season’s flowers, snow shovelling at Tellus Hall and cleaning the artificial pitch. 


When are summer flowers planted?

June 10th is our deadline for starting to plant summer flowers in the city's flower beds. 

When will the grass be cut in my area?

 We follow the city’s directions regarding prioritisation when it comes to grass cutting. Central Jakobstad and playgrounds have the highest priority. 

How often is the grass cut? 

We aim to cut the grass in all the areas we are responsible for within a week and a half. Then we start again. 

When do you carry out forest clearance work?

The garden services department has a good idea of the areas of forest that need to be cleared. If you notice that one of the department’s forest areas needs to be cleared, you can call and submit a request. The waiting time is usually 1-3 weeks, although we prioritise locations close to residential areas and cycle paths. Under normal circumstances, clearance work takes from one day to two weeks. In emergency cases we usually clear the site on the same day.

If you have a question regarding a fallen tree, please contact the City of Jakobstad’s main service desk:

Ralf Lillfors, 044 514 7282 

Work supervisor for The School Garden: 

Päivi Kalliosaari, 044 3432905

Work supervisor for Aspegren Garden: 

Ari Vainionpää, 040 0529307 

The School Garden

Aspegren Garden

In the picture Head of Department, Technical services Joachim Stenman


Head of Department, Technical services

joachim.stenman(at), 044 714 7115 

In the picture Master Gardener Benita Herrmans

BENITA Herrmans

Master Gardener

benita.herrmans(at), 044 532 8421