sports maintenance

In Jakobstad, there are plenty of different leisure facilities offering the chance to get active, exercise and play sport. Alerte’s department of leisure facilities is responsible for maintaining the city’s sporting facilities and recreation grounds. Exercise tracks, ski runs, grass and gravel pitches, swimming beaches, sporting venues and the Runeberg Hall are all facilities we look after.

Together with the other departments within property management and cleaning, we ensure residents can take full advantage of the great facilities the city has to offer.


Bookings are managed by the City of Jakobstad’s sports office.

Find facilities bookings here.

Find information about sports grounds and recreational areas here.

Find information about sporting and recreational facilities in Jakobstad and other places in Finland here.


Head of Department, Technical services

joachim.stenman(at), 044 714 7115 


Work Supervisor, Street- and Sports Maintenance, Vehicle Repair Garage

tor.wiss(at), 044 714 7170