Food & diet Services

We prepare and serve nutritious, tasty meals to Jakobstad’s schools, nurseries, assisted living facilities and hospitals. All the food we prepare is based on Finnish nutritional recommendations. When planning meals, we take the customer’s wishes into account.

We prepare around 4,000 servings per day in our two kitchens. Of these, 2,600 servings are prepared in Oxhamn’s central kitchen (Rådmans school) using the Cook & Chill method. The remaining 1,400 servings are prepared in a traditional way at Länsinummi school.


Dietary Supervisor at Rådmans school, Osmo Niittyniemi

Dietary Supervisor at Länsinummi school, Kenneth Finholm


For questions about special diets or food in schools and nurseries, please contact the City of Jakobstad’s dietician:

Lisa Kentala,, 044 785 1385

For questions about food in the City of Jakobstad’s social and health care services, please contact:

Dietary supervisor Osmo Niittyniemi,


Head of Department, Food & diet services, 050 502 2043

Länsinummi school

Rådmans school