building services

Building services is in charge of maintenance and building on the city’s properties through the orders it receives. For example, we have laid a new floor in the gymnasium at Oxhamn school, renovated Kyrkostrand nursery, made alterations to the skylights at Solbacken and extended the porch at Permo nursery.

We have a well-trained and motivated work force with in-depth knowledge of the city’s properties that seeks to provide the best possible service to the customer and user as quickly and effectively as possible. We are flexible and alert to any sudden changes to the customer’s business.

In the picture Head of Department, Technical services Joachim Stenman

joachim stenman

Head of Department, Technical services

joachim.stenman(at), 044 714 7115 

In the picture Work Supervisor, Buildning Service Robin Martelin


Work Supervisor, Buildning Service

robin.martelin(at), 044 714 7286